JobSeeker General Questions

Go to our website home page and at the top-right find the menu Job Seeker => Login & Create Account.
Fill out the information below, then click on Create Account button:

  • First Name: input your first name
  • Las Name: input your last name
  • Email: input your active email and you will use this email as your login name
  • Password: input your password and you will use this password when you login to your account
  • Confirm Password: re-type your password again to match to your password
  • Tick on I agree to terms & conditions
  • Tick on Subscribe to our newsletter

1) After you logged in to your home. Click on menu Manage Online CV
Note: once after created your CV, you can’t create your CV again, but you can edit it.

2) Fill out the information below:
User Information

  • First Name *: input your first name
  • Last Name *: input your last name
  • Gender *: select your gender
  • Phone *: input your phone number

Detail Information

  • Date of Birth *: select date of birth
  • Country *: select your country
  • Province *: select you province
  • Nationality *: input your nationality
  • Marital Status *: select your marital status
  • Website *: input your website if you have
  • Address *: input your current address

Job Summery: summery your cv (optional)

Working Experience (optional)

  • Work Date From-To: input your period of working in that position
  • Position: input your position
  • Description: describe about your responsibility for that position

Note: you can add more to describe about your working experience by just clicking on Add button

Education and Training

  • Period *: input your period of your studying
  • Subject *: input subject that you study
  • School *: input the school or center that you have attended. (ex: Norton University, Online Training, Workshop Place, …)

Note: you can add more to describe about your education background by just clicking on Add button.

Personal Skill (optional)

  • Skill Name: input your personal skill. (Ex: HR management, Mobile Development, …)
  • Description: input your description by listing the skill name of it. (Ex: in term of Mobile Development you can describe such as “Android App, IOS App, Windows Phone App, …”)

Note: you can add more to describe about your personal skill by just clicking on Add button.

1) Once after you created your Online CV, then you can update your Online CV any time by just click on Manage Online CV => Update CV

2) Fill out or edit existing below

Yes, you can. After you created your Online CV, you will be able to download your Online CV to your local computer for future use. You can go to your Manage Online CV => View CV => click on Export CV button and it will ask you to save your CV file in an extension of PDF format file.

At the first time after you registered your account, you will be able to upload your CV file. To upload your CV, you just go to Manage Upload CV => Upload Your CV

Note: the file upload must be only Ms. Word or PDF only.

1) After you have logged in your account, you can apply any job posted in our website. In job description detail you will see the Apply button at the bottom-right of the page to allow Job Seeker apply job online.

2) Select attachment CV: the system will require you to attach your CV at least one; Upload CV or Online CV. Then click on Apply Job button.
i. Your Upload CV: it will attach your Upload CV to employer
ii. Your Online CV: it will attach your Online CV to employer

Note: to be sure you attach your Online CV, you have to check your Online CV is up to date or not. Otherwise you will attach your old CV.

Every job you have applied, it will send an email to an employer or company. You might be got the selected confirm from two differences:

  • Online accepted: you will be got a notification email sending by the system that you are selected for an interviewing. So you have to login to your account (Job Seeker) to see your Job Accepted. And if you agree you just click to accept the schedule interview from Employer. Then be sure the date and time with the place of your interviewing.
  • Direct Contact: it might be direct contact from the company to you via phone number or email that you provided in your CVs.

Employer General Questions

In the homepage at the top-right, click on Register => Employer

1) Input the information of your new account such as:

  • Full Name: input your full name (or display name)
  • Email: the active mail and this email will be used as system notification when job seeker apply job. And it is your username as well
  • Password: the password to login to your Employer account
  • Confirm Password: the validation of your password confirmation
  • Phone: input your phone number
  • Sex: your sex
  • Address: input your address
  • Security Code: the validation the security code
  • Then click on Create button.

2) Once after registered, you will get on activation email to activate your account by click on provided link in your email content.

3) Finally, you will be able to login to your account.

In case you don’t have a company yet, you can create the company for your job by:

1) In your homepage manager, click on View Company Profile => Click on Create New Company button

2) You will see the form of create your company and you need to input the information below:

a. Company Information

  • Company Name: input your official company name
  • Industry: select your company industries
  • Country: select your country
  • Location: select your location of that country

b. Company Contact

  • Email: the email of your current location. If you have only one brand location, your email would be the same Global Email Contact
  • Phone: input the phone number line one
  • Website: input website address
  • Address: input your company address

Yes, you can manage on an existing company:

  • Go View Company Profile => Add New Company Exist.
  • Then search your company name.
  • Then check to select the company then click on Add Company button.
  • Finally, you can manage on this company

You can manage only 3 company.

1) Click on Post Job at the top-right side

2) Input the information below:

  • Choose company: select your company
  • Location: select your job location
  • Title: input your job title (your job must not contain special character)
  • Close date: choose the closing date
  • Hiring: input number of hiring candidate
  • Function: select job function

You can manage your job by click to edit your job as well by click on View Job => click to edit any job you wished. Then the process is the same as in creating job as well. You can also renew your job to let your job stay on the top of another.

When there is any Job Seeker applied job, the system will send you a notification email to you with his attachment CVs (Upload CV or Online CV). Then you can review his/her email at that time.

Other Questions

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