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Job Title Company Name Job Location Close Date
Energy Engineer New Smart Axiata Co., Ltd. Phnom Penh 08/11/2017
Graphic Designer New Borey Peng Huoth Phnom Penh 15/11/2017
Finance Manager New Borey Peng Huoth Phnom Penh 11/11/2017
Payment Support Officer New WING (Cambodia) Specialized Bank, Ltd. Phnom Penh 12/11/2017
Depot Cashier New Cellcard Kratie 05/11/2017
Payroll Executive New Cellcard Phnom Penh 10/11/2017
Tax Accountant New GL Finance PLC Phnom Penh 07/11/2017
Micro Loan Officer New Phillip Bank Plc Phnom Penh 07/11/2017
Senior IT Officer, Infra. Support and Services New Phillip Bank Plc Phnom Penh 07/11/2017
Assistant Purchasing Officer (បន្ទាន់) New Y Chhe Group Phnom Penh 07/11/2017

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